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left to right: rich fischer,



Ray loves music! He has been in and out of bands since the 6th grade. He traveled throughout Europe with the famous Clifton High School Mustang Band. Also, he played with the Frank Bennett and Eddy D Orchestras throughout the tri-state area. Ray recorded and co-produced two records and 1 album with Cerberus (a band he and his brother Matt formed) that received much air play and favorable reviews throughout Europe. Ray is a very versatile musician, besides drums, he also plays keyboards, sax, and guitar. He began taking dance lessons in 2009 at the Fred Astaire Studio of Upper Montclair, NJ and decided to incorporate his love of music, especially Swing and Blues, with his new found love of dance. Ray is thrilled to be giving dancers a venue to dance and the band an audience to entertain. To him, to us, band and ballroom, is like rum and coke, peanut butter and jelly, Fred and Ginger. The rest will be history!


Kim Latiano has been a professional singer and entertainer for over 25 years. Her career began back in the 80's when she became lead singer for "The Party Dolls", which consisted of three female lead singers backed up by four talented musicians. Her strong, soulful and powerful vocals were inspired by singing icons of the 60's like ArethaFranklin and Etta James. Besides performing alongside great musicians such as Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, Little Richard, Connie Francis, Peter Noone and Neil Sedaka, she has performed private events for celebrities such as Joan Rivers, Geraldo Rivera, The Daytime Soap Stars of ABC, and has sang for political events for Ted Kennedy. One of the highlights of her career has been being asked to perform for George W. Bush's Inaugural Ball. Kim has also been teacher and manager for Music Together Of Bergen County, which is a children's educational music program. One of her great loves is sharing music with children, and showing the parents and caregivers in Music Together how much children learn through music, and the joy it brings into their lives.


Rich is from and was born around the time Van Halen became Van Hagar. He began playing guitar at the age of 11. He's taken private lessons and has studied classical guitar at William Patterson University with Seth Himmelhoch. Richard has a degree in Music Management. Besides classical guitar, Rich plays hard rock, jazz and fusion. He's performed at Montclair State, William Patterson, Kaufman Center in NYC and various clubs in NJ, most notably the Stone Pony in Asubury Park. Rich can be found teaching guitar at the Menconi School of Music in Clifton, NJ.



Butch is one of the generation coming of age from the 50s into the 60s, indelibly influenced by that cataclysmic event; The Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show... Music has been a joyous pursuit for him ever since. He has played several instruments with many groups and has logged many hours as a studio musician for various record labels, groups and projects. Good fortune led him to a 25+ year stint as the bandleader for the multi-hit  group “The Del-Vikings,” playing major venues such as the Brendan Byrne arena, GS Arts Center, MSG, Nassau Coliseum, Carnegie Hall, the Beacon Theater, and even ground zero of the big bang…the stage of The Ed Sullivan Theater. Most proudly Butch says, "I think we played every high school and church auditorium in the Northeast!" He is also a principal member of groups in the NY/NJ area. 


BETH ROELAND - Back up Vocals

Beth's music background started in the 9th grade when her Mom brought home a flute instead of a clarinet which is what she originally wanted to learn. She eventually added in piano lessons for 2 years, but decided to stick with the flute and continued to play for 12 years. She played frequently in the church orchestra and sang in the choir. She was also a member of the Gloria Marching Band which played firemen parades, and a member of the Flute Choir at Montclair University. Beth joined Swingman in 2014.




Randy started playing music at the age of 12, and played guitar and bass with bands by the time he was 18. Randy is proficient in all styles of popular music, including jazz, country, classic rock and blues. Randy is a founding member of SHARP EDGES, a blues band. He’s won the WDHA radio “Home Grown Recording Artist” award, played with FROST KINGS, BRONCO BILLY BAND, THE FARSIDE BAND, WASHED-UP and with Juke Box Express Kemp Family Music. Along with Swingman, Randy can be seen and heard on lead guitar and vocals with THE SHED BAND.



Matt Grabowski, Ray Grabowski's brother, who was the band's singer, had an extensive background in music. Matt started playing music at the age of 7 and played all percussion, drums, keyboards, guitar and bass guitar. Matt majored in music at Jersey State College, and was the owner of CMI Records an independent label. Matt wrote, arranged and produced numerous recordings that have charted on radio in the states and overseas. After playing in bands since 11 years of age, Matt launched a solo career under the name MATT GARBO and released 9 CD's which received numerous awards from Billboard and also charted on the A/C charts. He appeared on many television, personality and news shows regarding his music.

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